Why do I need the shield?

Your personal identity is your most valuable asset.
Don`t let the spammers and scammers steal it!

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Hotspot Shield Elite Public Cyber Crime Security

Over 1 million people become victims of cybercrime every day

Hotspot Shield Elite WiFi Security

41% of online adults have fallen victim to cybercrimes

Even amateur hackers can easily access your private information in public hotspots.
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Hotspot Shield Elite Public WiFi Security

$298 USD - the average cost per victim of cybercrime.

Airport hotspots are notoriously popular with travelers and hackers.
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Cybercrimes occur 12 times every second...

Using public hotspots and Wi-Fi locations without the protection of Hotspot Shield leaves you at risk!

That's why we created Hotspot Shield Elite. It protects and conceals your information and identity in a few easy steps.

Our strategy is to not only protect your data but also provide you with a completely secure environment for all your online activities, anywhere, anytime.

Now, with just a click of the download button, you can install and have unmonitored access over a wide range of public and private devices and networks worldwide.

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